Browser automation

How can I get the word that I type in a dialog box to be found by the browser?

That is to say that in the type into search what the user wants and not what I want him to search?
Thank you.

@Joselito_Jimenez, use the Input Dialog activity to ask for user input and then you can parse the output variable from the user input dialog into your type into activity, see an example:

Main.xaml (7.2 KB)

Thank you @SenzoD.
I`m learning RPA with UiPath, and really, is very imporant you help.


That’s what this community is for, so we can help each other. and if the above solved this specific problem for you, make sure to mark it as a solution and close this thread.

@Joselito_Jimenez, sorry you marked the wrong one, please mark this one instead:

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