Non-working day restrictions

Hey Everyone,

I’m aware there is currently a restriction to apply non-working days but is there anyway to do this by period or time?

As an example, say I want a job to stop at 11am and resume at 12pm to prevent the process from running during an application update window. I know I can indicate this at the trigger level for each process but is there a way to do this globally?

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Hello @chillelf ,
You could use the cron expression to set the time that you need to run the process just set
0 0 11-0 ? * * * into cron expression and will run from 11am to 12 midnight .

Thanks for the reply Lwissitoon,

I’m looking to stop a job from running during this period, not start one (sorta like how the non-working days setting functions, but rather then blocking out the entire day just block out a specific period for a day)

I’m looking for something very similar - we have a set of legacy systems that cannot be accessed by users between ~11p and ~5a, and a number of different robotic processes that could take variable times utilizing those systems. I am really looking for a way to incorporate the “blackout window” into a trigger such that if a process is running at 11p it will be sent a STOP command, and if there are any pending processes with this trigger restriction that would start running during this time, they remain in pending until 5a.