Query with Non-Working Days featured in Orchestrator


Is there a way to restrict the Non-Working days to a certain time instead of a complete day?

Let me explain my query in detail:

Here I needed to add one condition that, on a day I have to disable all the process runs for the certain time period. (I mean no processes should run in that time period instead of a complete day). Can I able to do that using the Non-Working days approach or please suggest a way to do that.


Hi @ManiPrajwal_K,

Sadly that won’t be possible given the current implementation of schedules/triggers. This is because a non working day means a non working day :slight_smile:

The closest you can come to is advanced triggers where you provide a cron expression for a non-working day and specify the time interval in the same expression.

This would mean each of your non-working days will need to have its own trigger (other than weekends). This won’t be valid for the next year though.

For the 52 weekends you can have a common cron expression in one trigger.

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May be maintain a separate excel/or in database- the dates of non working days and time when it has to run.
In init state you can check if current date not in excel run complete day and if date is there in excel, proceed only at time given