Change Non-working days to Non-working periods

When setting non-working days in orchestrator, they can only be set as 24hr days from Midnight to Midnight.

We have after hours processes that we would not want to run on the Friday evening before a bank holiday, but currently they do.

It would be better if we could define the non working period with times. This would mean that for the UK bank holiday Monday (yesterday), we could define the non-working period as 17:00 on 23rd August to 00:00 on 27th August.

@andrewjames, We can set the days but not the time, I agree. Right now you can handle the time in the code. if the system time <> working time then code would not work.


I’m aware that I could add my own scheduling into the code, but the process would still run - albeit being curtailed when it reached the conditional statement. I’d much prefer the flexibility in Orchestrator to define time periods when the process should not run, instead of just “days”.

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Hi @andrewjames

Valid suggestion, I added it to our internal ideas tracker :slight_smile:


Thank you!

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Good day,

has this feature been rolled out yet in UiPath Cloud Orchestrator.

I have an implementation, where I need to stop a trigger between certain hours.We have a process running on a Queue Item Based trigger but need it to not run before 8am and after 8pm.

I would also appreciate if this feature was implemented.

additionally, another feature we truly would love to have is the ability to add more than one calendar per trigger.

We used multiple platforms that may suffer outages at different times. having the ability to control the time for the execution pause would ease the set up process and having multiple calendars we allow us to dynamically assign non working days/times based on any possible business need

Hi All,

I would also wish for this feature. Pending Jobs which were Triggered before non-working hours, but could not be started (because the robot was busy with other tasks), should be killed/postponed, when non-working hours start.
In our case the Machine where the Bot works might be restarted during this time, which would not be optimal in the middle of a process…


It has been almost 4 years. Any update?