Beta orchestrator - non-working days

Hi everyone,

Quick question regarding the 2018.3 beta orchestrator. I see you added a non-working days option for the schedules, great stuff! But if I get it right, you can only create one schedule?

We have robots that can’t run on specified days due to month closure, large SAS jobs, etc. But these days are depending on the business unit. So it would be great if we could define a couple of non-working day schedules and activate the applicable one in the actual schedule.

Any chance of this happening? :slight_smile:

Did you tried cron expression?


Currently, for 18.3 Orchestrator version we can define some Non-working days and all of them will be saved at tenant level and will be applied to all defined Schedules for which you will enable “Apply non-working days restriction” option.

This functionality will be improved on the next versions and we will take your feedback into consideration.