Apply non-working days restictions


i need a help. I want to set the process on the orchestrator.
this process is expected to be at 4.30pm Monday through Friday every working day, but apply non-working days restictions dosen’t work.

recently the process wanted to go on Saturday 18.07 :frowning:


Change your ? to MON-FRI. Also, make sure the timezone in your screenshot matches that of the machine on which the bot is running.


i am sorry
I forgot to write that it should be between 10 and 18 day of month.

As written, your cron expression will do that. You just need to make the change I’ve specified to ensure that it doesn’t run on Sundays and Saturdays.

i know it, but i dont know how :frowning:
0 30 16 10-18, MON-FRI * ?* - it didnt work

You have 0 30 16 10-18 * ? * and need to change it to 0 30 16 10-16 * MON-FRI *, replacing your ?.

yes :wink:

0 30 16 10-16 * MON-FRI * - dosen’t work :frowning: i need a help :frowning:

What does it do/fail to do?

What if you remove the last asterisk and make it 0 30 16 10-18 * MON-FRI. The year isn’t mandatory, so it might be throwing an error since leaving it blank indicates that the year is unimportant.

Remove the period at the end.

Try replacing MON-FRI with 1-5. That parameter should accept mon-fri, but I’m suspicious, since it’s the only parameter that doesn’t have to be numeric.

still :frowning:

I have another idea. See if this works for generating the expression you want:

I must be missing something in the expression, so maybe this GUI app will help.

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A quick response to close off why the error is occurring.

The below snippet is taken from the Quartz.NET Framework documentation.


  • Support for specifying both a day-of-week and a day-of-month value is not complete (you must currently use the ‘?’ character in one of these fields).

Other possible solutions to the Original Topic

You can embed that logic into your init of the process to check prevent it from continuing to run if a given criteria is met. I would make this a configuration so you can adjust it as needed without changing your workflow.

Another potential option is to leverage the Non-Working Days Calendars, it’s has it’s pros and cons, I’ve only used it for one instance and adds some management overhead, which in my case I’ve forecasted out a couple years… and to truly make it useful would probably need to extend its functionality to be more granular for example could use an external service to manage the Non-Working Days or Enablement/Disablement of the Trigger itself through the API

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