No text is wrtitten in Notepad

I’am just strting UIPath.
So I have began the first tutorial “Creating a Basic Process”;
I follow, I think exactly all the steps.
I validate that there is no errors.
I launch with F5.

All process is executed bbut nothing is written in NotePad.

Is is a bug in UIPath?
I do something wrong?
Can you help me please?

Hi @bachir.sellami, welcome to forum

Can u share the screenshot of workflow


Nived N :robot:


Hi @bachir.sellami

Did u check whether the text is extracted from the website which is to be type to notepad

At first thanks a lot.
I’m newbie, I don’t know how to do that.

I finally succeed in this tutorial.
I deleted the "Get Visible Texté Acrivity, and I’ve done it again, and now it works.
So Thanks agian.

I checked that it working fine

let ne share the workflow too for ur reference

See the result in screenshot below after running the program

It is full written in complete line.

Let me tell how it is done
1)use open browser activity to open the website
2) use get text activity to extract the text u want to
3) use open application to open notepad, inside it use type into activity to type the data obtained from get text

Nived N

Happy automation

Good @bachir.sellami

Nived N

Thank a lot,
Your explanations are very clear.