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I created the the exact workflow as the video demo instructed, however it shows that the file cannot be found. I have tried removing .txt in argument (input). But doesn’t work… I moved the file ‘What is RPA.txt’ to another folder but it still doesn’t work.


You have to pass the path of the folder in Working Directory without Filename

and arugments “What is RPA.txt”

Check as below

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:weary:Still doesn’t work… please see screenshots…
It says “cannot find a part of the path”

Hi Qin,

Kindly check with the folder path of the txt file you are using.
Hold shift key and right click on the text file and select on copy as path and use it in FileName property.
This doesn’t need Working Directory.

Hope it works now.

HI @Qin_Z,
Try to open notepad file using run command by typing file path and then extract the text using get text
I tried in this way it worked
attaching workflow for ur reference
notepad1.zip (73.8 KB)

Hope it helps

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None of the solutions worked… Just figured it out myself … I refreshed the steps by chosing the “indicate on screen” … Thanks y’all! :smile:

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Hi @Qin_Z

Did u tried with my solution I think it would works

I used run command to open the notepad and then extract the text and store it in a variable

And displayed it

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Your workflow worked :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks!

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Great @Qin_Z :clap::clap::clap::clap:

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