No option to enter Machine key in UI Path Assistant

Im trying to set up my first process in Orchestrator. But in my UI Path Assistant, I dont have an option to enter Machine Name, Orchestrator URL or Machine Key. But all docs say this is the step?
What am I missing?

Hi @katrinah

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Select the another option in Connection type option

You will see a field to enter the machine key


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But there is only 1 option for Connection Type - Service URL

Hi @katrinah,

Refer below it might help you


Thanks for the link. But in my case, I dont even get an option to add another url, and there is no field for Machine Key.

Hi @katrinah

Can u click on sign out option and click again on Connection Type dropdown
i think will get option as below


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Thank you! I had to sign out, and change connection type in preferences before signing in again.

Did it worked for you @katrinah ?

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yes, thank you

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