No more development robots available. Please update your license

I am using the community edition of UIPath and while trying to provision the machine on orchestrator I am facing an issue. I provisioned the machine using right machine name but while adding a robot, it says “No more Development robots available. Please update your license! (#1900)”
Now, I am not sure why this issue is occurring as there are no bots added, only one machine is added and I am trying to add one robot to it. The machine name, credentials and all other are being used correctly.

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To check that we can click on the top right corner of the orchestrator page where click on the name icon and choose license tab
There we will be able to find the available number of robots on each type


If you want to manage them
While logging in to with credentials before clicking on tenant link there will be some set of options near to the tenant link
Where click on Action-> Edit option and there we will be to add or manage the robots and it’s numbers

Cheers @iamvaibhav9

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