Not able to create Robot


In when I try to create new robot, it says “No available licenses: the number of new machine slots would exceed the total license count.” Provided details as shown below screen shot. As per the trail version, it should allow 2 robots creation. Please suggest,


Would trying out different Types of robots fix the issue?


The free robots available at are of the Development type.
By the way, it’s possible to check this by clicking on the button on the top right of the screen, and then choosing the License option.


Hi Mateus
Under Development License, no user exist. Could you please let me know how to create user?



There are no users (robots) because you probably didn’t provision any.
What I meant is that you can see how many robots of each type you can use and how many you are using.
For example, in this case, there are two Development robots created:

You can check details about how to connect a robot to Orchestrator here: