Nice IEX Workforce Management Selector issues

Hi All,

Wondering if anyone else has developed a solution using Nice IEX Workforce Management? I am finding the selectors to be poor and would like to avoid hot key presses and image clicks if possible.

Every window returns as cls=‘SWT_Window0’ and sometimes when selecting a click it will validate and then become invalid the next time it is checked but if the element is reselected the selector is the same. Also selecting specific points in a table seems unreliable and navigating through seems possible only with hotkeys.

Hoping someone has worked with this application before and can provide some sage advice on how they tackled these issues :slight_smile:

I haven’t worked with this specific application but you may want to look into using the CV Activities from UiPath.AI.ComputerVision.Activities.

Thank you for the suggestion Daniel will be sure to try this out and see how reliable it is.

If anyone has any other suggestions or direct experience with this application I would very much appreciate any help you can provide.

@ConrtinueOnError did you find any resolution? I am currently proceeding down the ComputerVision path as well and wondering if you found it to be reliable.