Deploy the robot for the end user

Hi Masters, please help me.

I have a question about the robot for the end-user.
I read these blogs below, but I got stuck and I wonder how to publish the package that I created for the user.

From the (1) I read Richard Denton’ s guideline, and I saw something not match with (2). I mean when the end-user creates their robot, and how can I access my Orchestrator with their robot and public my package for them.

Deployment of UiPath Robots (1)

Connecting Robots to Orchestrator (2)

Maybe my question not clear but I hope you can know it. Thank for reading my question.

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Hi Nguyen_Huy
Once you develop your code , In the studio go to ‘Design’ tab , and click on ‘Publish’

This will gives a window asking where you want to publish the nuget package
You can select Custom radio button and give your Local system folder to save the nuget package
If your robot is connected to orchestrator already , the package will automatically will be published to Orchestrator

Now login to Orchestrator in your machine

GO to Packages and upload the Nuget package which you published into your local machine
Now go to processes and create a process and select the package

Now go to Robots
If your End user’s bot already there , now go to Jobs , create job and select your process , select your end user robot and click run

This will run your process in end user’s machine

Hi @vinay_reddy, Do I can create my user’s robot* on my Orchestrator ?

*: Does my user’s robot need to have the same Machine Name and Machine Key with my Robot?

One more question: If my robot is connected to orchestrator already, the package will automatically be published to my Orchestrator and if my End user’s bot already there, I just run my end user’s bot with this package without “GO to Packages and upload the Nuget package which you published into your local machine”, or I need to do this step even when package will automatically be published to myOrchestrator?

Thank you so much for reply my post @vinay_reddy.

Hi @Nguyen_Huy

The user robot tray is connected to your orchestrator… So if he publishes it to your orchestrator you will need to approve upload it in the orchestrator to make it working for all, else he can simply run it through the UiPath tool!!!

Now saying so he can also publish it with another name and play it with the robot tray…

Hope this helps… Good day :slight_smile:

Hi @Shubham_Varshney for reply my post, I will disscuss with my team agian. Nice day bro

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Yes you can access them
Like if you have the access for that orchestrator as a user with specific role been created as per this document you will be able to access any entities along with robots

Kindly let your user if they are the admin or if you are the admin you can leverage them with these roles in orchestrator


It’s like for an example if the user or may if you are about to execute a process in a machine A from orchestrator that specific Machine A name should be mention here in the orchestrator while creating machines under machine tab
To get the machine name search in Start → uipath robot → then in that robot tray from the side notification at the bottom end of the desktop screen (along with our time zone and notifications) where click on settings of uipath and get the machine name

—and while creating robot for this machine we need to mention the domain name and username
To get that from the same machine under cmd window type as whoami and execute this command
This will show us the domain and username
Along with that mention the password also

The package will be published to orchestrator only when the studio and its machine is connected to orchestrator and that process is published from a studio
So to publish a package we need to publish from a studio
And to publish to a orchestrator that specific studio existing machine must be connected to that specific orchestrator
Only then we can publish that package

That’s all buddy you are almost done
Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @Nguyen_Huy

Hi @Palaniyappan,
Thank for reply to my post, I will discuss it with my team and inform you of my result. Nice day buddy.

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Hi @Palaniyappan,
It’s me again, so I have one more question to make sure I clear the configuration.

The first picture is my Bot setting

And in the second one is my Orchestrator, so when I create one more bot for My End-User. What does the Machine Name and Machine Key come from?

Do I ask My End-User to give Machine Name and Machine Key for me?

Thank you so much, I ask a lot, because of making sure I know and make it right :joy: .

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Yes buddy We need to get from the user
Make sure that uipath robot is installed in their machine
Cheers @Nguyen_Huy

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Follow Up Question-
Process was available for BOT on user machine to run. But, when the user executed the process there was an error. Error Code 1100 (Any idea).

Overview -

  • Created Assets
  1. File1Export Folder Path
    (Location where the files are saved)
  2. File2Export Folder Path
    (Location where the files are saved)
  3. URL (Url being used in the process)

User Assets
Created the same asset names but with user defined folder path on his local machine.

Was able to publish and run on Dev machine but the user bot throwing an error.

Appreciate inputs.