New version of Studio X without save for later

Hello, in the new StudioX, I’m trying to “Input Dialog” and in the Value entered I can not choose Save the results for later use. Same when I try to Modify the text and save Results as, again can not choose Save the results for later use.
What we should be doing in the new version?

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can you check for: Set Variable Value

Thank you Peter. I don’t have neither the option set variable value. The only option that I have for the “Value entered” are:

  • Copy to clipboard
  • Create variable
  • Use variable (current index)
  • Open in advance editor

So I’m still not sure what to use :frowning:


It has to be Create Variable

The Variable Name you will create can be used later and it will contain the original input from the dialog.

Hope this helps!

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Yes! thank you! I discovered by myself but good to know that I did the right thing!

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