My Studio X misses the variable panel

Hello everyone,

my version of StudioX misses the variable, arguments and import “buttons”. It also doesn’t have the assign activity. I already reinstalled it. Didn’t help.
Is there anything i can do? What i want to do is almost finished. The only thing which misses is an option to define a variable.

Thanks in advance.


StudioX does not have variable , import and assign as they are present in Studio by design. It has a data manager where you can see all the variables that were defined ( Excel files , save for later values etc) , StudioX does not use imports and if you want to assign something just use an excel cell :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the fast reply Dragos.

But I honestly still don’t get how to define a variable.

I want to replace the sheet name with a variable so I just have to insert the sheet name at the beginning of the process.

A , you want to create a sheet and then use the newly created sheet a following action for example write cell. In order to achieve that you will need to use custom input.