How to create variables in UiPath 2020.4, the latest version.?

I have installed the latest UiPath version, in which i do not see any feasibility to add variable as i do not see the variable tab below, neither the right lick on the field gives anything, nor the Ctrl + K is doing anything.

Is it now something to do with project notebook?

Hy @Goutham_Karanam,

Thats very odd, could you please share a screenshot of your UiPath Studio?


i am now seeing an option as save for “Save for later use”. Is this the variable option?

i am also not seeing the variables tab as we were able to see in older version.

Hi @William_Blech_Sister. Can you please help me with this?

Hy @Goutham_Karanam,

It didn’t cross my mind you were using stuido x :frowning:

Yes, in Studio X you create variables using the ‘save for later’ command. That’s correct!