UiPath Form Designer - OutputData

I am newbie of StudioX and I was trying to create a form with the package UiPath.Form.Activities, after a few tries I create my first Form.
The form has been submited and the output saved using an Output variable “OutputData”, these information contain the value filled into the form and the data structure:


The main issue is to save inly the field added into the form without the complete datastructure, I tried to create one variable for each field as suggested in this tutorial but when I tried to set a variable (e.g Set Variable: name) it seem that is not possible (see image below). Do you have any suggestion to fix it?

kindly note:

when pressing CTRL + K we enter the mode of creating a new variable and will see from wizard . Set Variable: … then we type in the variable name of the new to create variable - name

it looks like you typed in Set Variable: name instead of just name, right?

Kindly note: the video shows the usage of Studio (Pro). It’s not recommended to mix up with StudioX

Maybe the a save for later modelling or from forms the FormFieldsInputData usage can be exploited.

I am using the version StudioX 2021.10.6 (Basic License), pressing CTRL+K unfortunately the software does not enter in mode of creating a new variable. I can only manually enter a VB expression. Do you have any suggestion/tips?

I’m having the same issue. Did you resolve this issue ?