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I am using latest version 2021.10 of UIpath. while developing the workflow I need to read the data from excel and update it in website, but in the new version I am unable to store the data into variable, anyone facing same issue?


Can you elaborate in details?



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Can you please share screenshot of the same.

I am trying this in REframework

Read range activity not working in ReFramework…so basically I am trying to read an excel through read range and trying to store the values in a datatable. but unable to do so. I am using excel scope and inside excel scope I am using read range.


The following might be related with your issue.

Can you try to set “A1” or “” at Range property?


It didnt work.


Hope Excel file path and sheet name passing from config file is proper.

In Read Range activity, set Range as “A1” and check Add Headers option and store output into DataTable argument named out_TransactionData.

Use Message Box activity after Read Range activity and print the below value to check whether it’s reading any data or not.


Thanks Lakshman, but I have already tried all these activities but its still not working. This same processed worked when I used same read range for storing data in Queue, however when I am trying to store the data into variable its not working.