How to Configure Excel Read Range Activity in Ui Path Studio 2021

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In Ui Path Studio version 2021 . I am not able to Configure Read Range Excel Activity. Please help me regarding how i can configure Read Range Excel Activity. Please find attached screenshot of Error while configuring Excel Read Range Activity. Please tell me what should we enter in Range Section in properties panel.**

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Varun Shinde


check this example

now we have to reference this internal variable to access the methods


@varun_shinde1 Range represents from starting cell to ending cell to read the data

Ex: A1: B10 That means it will read the cell starting from A1 - upto B10

You have to pass the range in that specific field similar to the format explained in the above one (A1:B10)

If you don’t want to pass the range, simply keep β€œβ€ within that field and check the results

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