UiPath.Excel.Activities.ReadRange in 2021.10.0


In previous version, I usually left the field ‘Range’ to be blank to capture the whole spreadsheet.

But when the UiPath.System.Activities is updated to 21.10.0, it’ll capture data of first row and first column only if the field ‘Range’ is blank. I checked by datatable.Rows.Count and datatable.Columns.Count, the result of both are 1.
The result came back to normal if I specified the range or just typed ‘A1’.

Would you please check the issue?

Hey @healsko_ho ,

Would you happen to have a sample project to help us investigate this? Alternatively, could you clarify which Read Range activity are you using that is causing this issue?


Hi Raluca,

The mentioned activity is System>File>Workbook>Read Range, and the version of UiPath.Excel.Activities is 2.11.3.

Please find the sample file as attached.

TestReadRange.xlsx (8.5 KB)

Hi Raluca,

I found out the reason is that I chose Windows as the compatibility but the version of .NET in my PC is 4.8.x.

I checked previous Preview Release at UiPath Community 2021.8 Preview Release to understand what the option of compatibility stands for.

So would you please close the case? Thanks.