Not working Read range workbook activity while upgrading excel activity to latest vesion

I will not read full sheet value in excel workbook. I upgrade the excel in manage package. It read only partial data from the sheet.
Kindly suggest me the solution.
Example: if I have 4 columns like UniqueID, Status, SAP value, Attempt
but the bot reads only Status,SAP value, Attempt only the header not values.

Hi @Sowmiya_V

Can you provide sample screenshot of your workflow?


@Sowmiya_V Can you show the screenshot of activity and value set in input range property. If you are using Read Range workbook activity, leaving Range property blank will read the complete sheet. Make sure you have set a Datatable variable output Datatable property.

I am getting about output but actually it is,

while upgrading to the latest version of excel I am getting this error

@Sowmiya_V If you are using classic activity Excel application scope, use Excel Read Range activity instead of Read Range Workbook.
Hope this helps.


When using the “Read Range” activity in UiPath to read data from an Excel sheet, make sure to check the “Range” property. By default, it is set to an empty string, which means it will read the entire sheet. However, if you have specified a specific range, such as “A1:C10”, it will only read data within that range.