New update of UIAutomation.Activities to version 20 not working

Hi all,

After updating UIAutomation.Activities to version 20, our excisiting workflow is no longer working. Specifically in relation to SAP.

Example: Screen scraping - ExtractData.
In version 19.11.3 it works as expected. extracting information from a table, reaturning a table of 1 row.
In version 20.4.0, 20.4.3, it no longer manages to extract the information.

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HI @3-rimo

Please provide more details, which SAP table? which SAP transaction? Which SAP WinGUI version?

Than we can investigate more

Best regards, Lev

Hello and thank you for your reply,

We are using SAP NetWeaver 740 | Version 7400.3.19.1141.

I now have several examples of strange behaviour with the new update. Here is perhaps one of the clearer ones:

Initial actions:
Transaction: “RMPS_SET_SUBSTITUTE”. Type a customized username (3-WF-DFOE) and click execute (F8). That gives me the following window:

(Whether I do this part manually, using activities, or using the UiPath.Core.Activities.SAP.Login and Logon activities seem to make no difference.)

The next two clicks however is different:

Manually clicking:

Gives the following window:

Now performing the same actions with Package version 19.11.3, that is

gives the same results:

with selector: “<wnd app=‘saplogon.exe’ cls=‘#32770’ title=‘Bruker (1)’ idx=‘*’ />”

Lastly, updating the package to version 20.4.3, without any other changes:

gives this window:

with an obvious different selector: “<wnd app=‘saplogon.exe’ cls=‘#32770’ title=‘Begrens verdiområde’ idx=‘*’ />”

This causes future activities that uses the original selector to fail.

These seemingly unpredictable changes are causing us quite a bit of extra work. Particularly because trying to downgrade the package after having upgraded it causes many of the activities to suddenly be invalid.

Some of the selectors also seem to be pointing to different areas after the upgrade. Thus it seems we would have to go through every step of our large processes to fix issues and make sure it is still doing what it is supposed to, if we wish to use the newer versions of this package.

Best regards,

Rikke Mohn, DFØ.

HI @3-rimo

Please give me the screenshots of this settings in your SAP WinGUI ?

Is Dialog (modal) display options enabled?

Thanks, Lev


No it is not:

Im assuming I should enable the bottom option here, and that could fix our issues?

Hello again,

This one as well, of course:


Control (amodal) display options are not supported by SAP scripting

Yes, you have to set everywhere

  1. Access the F1 Help tab and select the in Modal Dialog Box option from the Display section.

  2. Access the F4 Help tab and select the Dialog (modal) option from the Display section.

This should ensure that during automation you have everywhere the right screen, and there are no differences between “manual doing” and “automation doing”

Best regards, Lev

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