New to get queue status through ""Get Queue Items - output""

Hi All,

I am new to UiPath.

I want to get queue item status.

Using Get Queue Items - output command, is there any way to fetch queue item status.

for ex: GetQueueItemsOutput.Status


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Cross Reference:

can you help me with solution.

we would recommend the following:

  • give a clear description of the case on what is the scenario, what is needed, how is it motivated
  • avoid similar topics
  • also get / train yourself to understand given feedback

Output of Get Queue Items can contain 0,1 or more items. But there is no final status / over all status.

Similar it was told here:

When it is tried, what is mentioned in the other topic, then maybe you are more interested on a list of Reference IDs which can be used later for calculation if a Queue item is to upload to WorkQueue or not

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@ppr : Thanks for your suggestion. Sure, will learn and contribute to Forum. By the way i got solution for my raised question.