Get Queue Item of Specific Status


I know that there is a way to retrieve only failed, successful, queue items when using “Get Queue Items” but how can I retrieve a queue item of a specific status by “Get Queue Item” activity? Any answers are appreciated!

hi @Daun

Please go through the following link for the same!!!


Oh, sorry that I missed some important information regarding my question!

I asked about “Get Transaction Item” to know whether there is a way of selecting status like “Get Queue Items”.


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No buddy
Only in Get Queue Item activity we can get the items filtered based on its status
But in Get Transaction Item activity we can filter only based on the Reference with these properties

  • FilterStrategy - The strategy to use when filtering according to reference. The following options are available:
    • StartWith - looks for items whose references start with the value indicated in the Reference field.
    • Equals - looks for items whose references are the same as the value indicated in the Reference field.
  • Reference - Filters items according to their reference.

For more details on this

We can do one thing Get queue item is somehow similar to Get Transaction Item activity but the only difference is the Get queue item activity will give us a collection of queue items while the Get Transaction Item activity gives us only one queue item at a time
So there won’t be a problem in getting the list of items from Get queue item activity for the status we put on filter and from that collections we can get the one we need with a for each loop and a if condition

Hope this would help you
Cheers @Daun