Need to publish queue status " Failed " or Success for queue item

Hi All,

I am new to UiPath. I am using Get queue items and i want to use if condition .

In that if condition i want to give condition on basis of queue status of item.

But i am not getting any status value for Get Queue Item output.

Can you help me with command for that.


Hi @rds0511
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Get queue item return the items in queue as enumerable
Use For each activity as item in items use item.status code to get each item status in queue


thanks for your reply. Apologies for not explaining my concern.

website is there where i am exporting csv evry 15 minutes and loading that column "application ID "values(reference also i m adding this value) in orchestrator queue.
and then processing those in ERP tool. It can happen that will go either in Success or Failure state.

But now after my second export of report there is again probability to get the same application id that was already loaded in orchestrator.
now i want to add this id’s into queue only if their status was “failed”.

But for id’s who isalready success in queue, i dont want to add again in bot queue.

suppose id is 123 in orchestrator and it is failed.
if in csv that same id is there , then i need to pick that only and will want again to be added in queue.

but suppose if id is 789 in orchestrator and it is in success state.
if in csv that same id is there , then i dont need to load that again in orchestrator queue.

Thats why i want to give if condition for getqueue items under for each row and then add queue items.

i hope i m able to explain now.

Hi @rds0511

I understood your use case. Please look the below xaml file
Main.xaml (18.6 KB)

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In get queue items you can try setting the status as success and then reference as the required the id …that way if a item is returned then it means already processed else not processed


Hi @sangeethaneelavannan1,

Sorry for late reply. I was sick. I am able to get the requirement by attached process.

Please find the attachment for your reference.

Also i have used ur workflow also. By using this also i am able to complete it.

Thanks for your help.

@Anil_G : thanks for your reply. I am able to get the solution.

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