UiPath Orchestrator status to Flow/Teams

I’m searching for a solution for getting Orchestrator queue status out to flow or directly to Teams. Is this possible?

The intention is that the whole team can get a message in Teams.


After all the queue items are consumed you can use ’ get queue items’ and send it as an email notification to a DL that your team/organization has…

Was this your question or did I mis-understand?

Hey @fh9090

you can use the GetQueueItems Activity to retrieve a list of your items in your queue. Check your list, for example with a for each loop to get a comprehensive status of your queue.

Then try out this package on Go! to send a message with your status to Teams: https://go.uipath.com/component/microsoft-teams

Let me know how it goes

This sounds promising! Should this be set up as an own process or tacked on the end of each process we have running?

I guess that depends on your needs and wishes.

  • Tack it on the end of each process to get timely updates on specific queues
  • or maybe you want a daily digest (as an individual process) about your most important queues
  • or maybe you want to trigger this info manually (via orchestrator or even via Teams and Flow)


Mainly we need to get critical alerts, attach getqueueitem on each process then? And thanks for the help thus far!

You’re welcome! Yep, sounds right. I haven’t tried it myself, so just try it out and adapt as you go :wink:

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