Get Queue Item Activity

Hello there,

I’m using a get Queue Items activity to get how many transactions were successful in the previous day, so far I looped all the queues in the folder and I need to output them into a data Table to be able to send it via email.

  • Variable type in the Get Queue Items activity is type of : System.Collections.Generic.IEnumberable<UiPath.Core.QueueItem>.

Variable Name is : Queue_1

So if i use write line = Queue_1 the i get this results “System.Collections.Generic.List`1[UiPath.Core.QueueItem]”.

But if i write : Querue_1.Count.ToString, then the results are correct, it gives me the number of how many transactions were successful.

Any suggestions on how to do it ?

I really apricate any help,

Thank you in advanced


Please use a for loop with in argument as queue_1 which is the output og get queue items… and change the type argument property to UiPath.Core.QueueItem

Then inside loop you can get all the required values


Which can be added to a datatable using add data row