New Studio Community Read Text Activity

I am using the new version of studio, and the read text activity asks for a IResource. I am used to work with the old activity that takes a string as the path of the file, can anyone help me to convert one on the other?


We can set file path string in FileName property, like previous versions of the activity.
Then it’s unnecessary to set anything in File property.



Hello @Liliana_Novais

Can you please share the screenshot of the property set in that activtity?
Also which version of package are you using?


Hello, I am having the same issue as @Liliana_Novais , but I don’t have the options that @Yoichi indicates:

And the properties tab is not showin anything:

All this happened after I updated to 2022.10.1 version and migrated code from windows legacy to windows.

Can anyone help me?

After converting from project from “Windows Legacy” to “Windows”, update Packages to the latest versions and the Read Text File activity will work again.