Read Text File Activity broke after Studio update to 2022.10.2

I have a bot that I have been successfully using for about a month on dozens of different files. After updating to Studio 2022.10.2 I cannot run the bot due to a won’t compile error as follows: Compiler error(s) encountered processing expression “strReportFileFullName”.(2) : error BC30512: Option Strict On disallows implicit conversions from ‘String’ to ‘IResource’.

My process is upstream from a load into our datalake which we are to demo tomorrow. Desperately need a solution. Many thanks ahead of time!

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If you use UiPath.System.Activites package 22.4.4 or lower, can you try to upgrade it to 22.4.5 or 22.10.x?


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Hi Yoichi,

Updating to System Activities 22.10.3 and reverting to Windows - Legacy has corrected the problem.




Just to clarify the root cause and the proper solution - it is advised to update the activity packages to their latest version.

In this case, the latest activity package solves this issue by allowing you to toggle the required input for this activity between a string path and the IResource input.

Alternatively, you can also get the IResource input by using the Path Exists activity which takes a string path and turns it into a usable IResource in other activities :slight_smile: