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I’m trying to create an library that reads a textFile. I’ve already published it.
Now I’ve installed it into a newProject, who has in his own folders the file that I want to read.
The thing is:

  • normally if is into a project we just use for example a simple path “docFolder\file.format”
  • I’ve tried to do this sending that simple path as parameter to the new activity I’ve got.
  • But the activity is giving me an error because it doesn’t found the file.

I realise that when we use a library create it in uipath and use it with simple paths, it’s just trying to find the file into the library project and not into the newProject whose using the library.

¿How can I make a library to read the files on the newProject that is using the library?

HI @KevinDS

Can you share the error?


Hello @KevinDS , Before reading the file or using the file, try to print the path using the message box or log message and check whether the path is correct or not. If the path is wrong you have to check the variables passing in it.

Hi @KevinDS ,

Have you tried providing the full path of the file to the Library activity ? You could maybe use the below Expression to get the full path :


If this works, Maybe a further correction/addition to check if it is a relative Path or an Absolute Path would be required in the Library.

Let us know if you are getting an error for this expression as well.

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