Data Entry Using CSV Issues

Hi Everyone

I’ve created a form online to test data entry.

I’ve followed which was very helpful but I’ve come to a snag and cannot find the difference between mine and the creators form.

My activities are as follows:
-Read CSV and output to dtContacts
-Open Web Browser
-“For Each Row in dtContacts” - "Write Line row(“DOTW”).ToString
-“Type Into” - 'row(“DOTW”).ToString… etc etc
-“Click Submit”
-“Refresh Browser”

When I run my flowchart it fails to input any data into the DOTW column and moves onto the First and Last columns and inputs the data from the CSV correctly, it then loops round inputting the CSV first and last name over and over again without moving onto the submit and refresh actions.

Now my form was working before on a test without the CSV data
It seems to be snagging due to the fact I have a “Write Line” and a “Type Into” for the same column but I believe I have copied the creators video quite closely, except for the fact that his “For Each Row” data table ends in .Rows. I have attempted this but it does not allow it on my version of UiPath.

Apologies for the length of the post. Any help would be appreciated.


Hi everyone

I have managed to fix my issue.

The solution was to add another “click section” into my “DOTW” form box.

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