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I selected a Read csv activity, selected the read from file, but have no idea what to put for Output to. It gives no guidance, and no matter what I select, it gives an error. In one of the demos I watched, it didn’t even have that Output to field, and everything went fine, but for some reason I am getting that field, have no idea what it wants, especially since Append to CSV or Write CSV are entirely different activities that should follow after.

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Please find step by step guide link given below for your reference.

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If you hover over the various properties it will give more information about what that property does. It also tells you what variable type it is looking for & whether it is an input (InArgument) or an output (OutArgument)


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Thanks, but there really is no data table per se, unless it wants me to come up with a name, which it gave me an error for.

I’m very new to UiPath, and just want to get something (anything) to work. I want to create a sequence that imports from …a.csv and appends to b.csv, but parameters like Output to and Write from seem to be stopping me and asking me trick questions. :slight_smile:

The ‘read csv’ activity will create a datatable. You need to make a variable (of type datatable) and name it whatever you’d like. Then type that same name into this output field. While the cursor is in that output field, you can also type in ctrl + k, type in the variable name you wish to create, and click enter. This will create a variable of the appropriate type (in this case, datatable) and is a bit of a shortcut.

I’d highly recommend taking some of the intro courses (they’re free!) at which will help explain this in more detail and introduce you to the programming concepts of variables, inputs, outputs, arguments, datatables, etc.


Yep. Thanks for the quick response and the tips. Looks like I won’t be able to learn this one by playing with the features til I figure it out. I’ll have to start out the old fashioned textbook (or video) way.

CSV data is read as a data table. You can save it for later and use it as input for activities which work with data tables or you can Output it in Excel, for example:

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