What's new in Action Center 21.4?

Since our last updates in 20.10 where we released a dedicated Action Center portal for business users, we have been focusing on enabling our customers to scale operations using Action Center based automations by on-boarding more business users as well as by broadening the scenarios being automated.

What’s new in business user experience and Actions handling ?

  • Multi-user handling of Form Actions by forwarding Actions to other Users

  • Action summary panel to keep track of the status of an action.

  • Comments Panel that allows users to comment on pending or unassigned actions.

  • Ability to individually or bulk delete Actions.

  • Filter and sort options on action catalog or forwarded actions
    … and many others

What’s new for RPA developers in Persistence Activity pack ?

We introduced additional activities and enhancements to existing activities to enable developers to build scenarios that involves accessing Actions from a different workflow than the one it created it or build a monitoring workflow or a workflow that polls for Action data or status

  • Complete Tasks - Completes the specified action without the need for the corresponding human intervention.
  • Forward Task - Forwards the specified action to the specified user.
  • Get Form Tasks - The GetFormTasks activity helps you query a single action or a set of actions filtered by specific criteria (Status, Title, AssignedToUser, etc).
  • Get Task Data - Fetches the current state of the specified action’s task data
  • Create Actions with ReferenceID - Create Form Task activity is now enhanced with the Reference
  • Re-assign Actions from the workflow - Task Assignment Type property of the Assign Task activity now holds the Reassign attribute
  • Property ‘GenerateInputFields’ added to ‘Create Form Task’ , if un-checked , Form will not be auto-generated to include any additional fields that got added to the Form Data
  • Orchestration process template in Studio has a getting started workflow
    Link to documentation : Persistence Activity v1.2

Have some feedback or feature requests ? :writing_hand:

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@pawel.poplawski look here - we can think about this instead of MS solution :slight_smile:

This looks really exciting - Thanks!

One feature that would be nice - right now, an Orchestration bot can only ‘wait for queue item and resume’ on a queue item that the bot itself added/created. An ability for the bot to get a queue item that already exists, and then wait for that to complete, would be excellent!
(Maybe there is already a way to do this, and I am just ignorant!)

how about action center user license usage?