Hybrid Setup: Action Center cloud + Orchestrator on-premise

Hi UiPath and Community,

so we are about to start using Action Center.
Currently we are using an on-premise Orchestrator V20.10 (current LTS)

To prepare for the separation of the Action-features in Orchestrator in the next LTS version (V21.10) as stated in the documentation (Introduction) we would like to start with an already separated Action Center and not using the features in Orchestrator now and then separate when we update to the next LTS

Since our Orchestrator setup is on premise, the logical conclusion would be to also setup Action Center on premise.
But since we want to avoid to having to manage another server and another application ourselves, we are also considering using Action Center Cloud.

Now the question:
Is it possible to setup an Action Center in the Cloud while the robot is connected to an on-premise Orchestrator?
If yes, how do I tell the Studio Activities (e.g. ‘Create Document Validation Action’) to create this action not in the connected on-premise Orchestrator but in the cloud Action Center.

Since I actually believe that this is currently not possible I also have a question spefically for UiPath Product management:
Will this be possible with V21.10 or will we be forced to install, provide hardware and manage another on premise applicatoin when we are updating to the next LTS version?


Correct me if I’m wrong, but as far as I know this is not possible.

The only thing you can seperate is AICenter and Orchestrator with AICenter running in the cloud and Orchestrator on-prem. For everything else you’re either 100% cloud or 100% on-prem.

May I ask why you want to continue running Orchestrator on-prem but are ok with Action Center running in the cloud?

It’s a questions of application/hardware management.

But I just found a documentation entry, that states that Action Center can run on the same machine as Orchestrator.
So the additional server management will not be that big.

Still removing a major feature from Orchestrator and forcing to use a separate application, feels kind of wrong from Product Management point of view.

Fyi: Uipath support confirmed that it is either 100% on prem or 100% cloud. Hybrid is not possible.

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