Need to understand the Tenant work

We have a development server. We have created three tenants HR, Finance, and Tech.
We bought 10 licenses and distributed them among HR-3, Finance-3, and Tech-4.
We have 10 RPA developers who are connecting to this development server through RDP.

Our Problem

  1. If a Tenant HR connects to the ROBOT, the HR guys can work
  2. but the movement the Finance or Tech guys connected, HR guys, disconnected from robot
  3. same with Tech and Finance

What could be the issue? Is it like if you have Studio installed in your system you cannot work with multiple tenants?

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You can create same bots in Multiple tenants
But each bot can work concurrently with only 1 Tenant

Which means we need to create one Tenant and assign all the 10 license to this tenant.
All the 10 users should connect to the robot under this tenant and work without issue.
Ryte ?


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Yes at a time only one user can login into the machine right. If one user trying to connect then other user will be automatically disconnected.