Can i Share 1 Robot License across multiple tenants (Processes run at different times)

Hello everyone,

I want to know if it is possible to share 1 robot license (cloud unattended) across multiple tenants.

For example

Cloud Robot License - 1 unattended

Tenants - 2

Tenant 1 - Runs from 9am to 5pm

Tenant 2 - Runs from 7pm to 2am

Kindly let me know as to how we can achieve this…

Thank you in advance

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Hi @Malik_Mueez
Welcome to the Uipath Community ,
You will face difficulty because you just having 1 unattended robot

Same License key can be activated multiple tenant , but bot utilize will be dedicated

when you allocate 1 Unattended license to Tenaet 1
You have no number of license to allocate unattended bot to Tenant 2 (because you have Cloud Robot License - 1 unattended)

So technically its not possible ,
But to do this you have few another options ,
You can use folder option to segregate parts instead of creating multiple tenant you can create multiple folders in the same tenant to achieve this

Hi Maneesha,

Thank you and i do have a clear picture now.

One of the reasons the tenant was opted was to maintain the privacy between them…

Is it possible to achieve that provacy using the foldering option within the same tenant?

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Yes of cause , you can maintain the privacy between folders.

And you have 2 option to check this as you want ,

  1. Create multiple folders on your Enterprise Orchestrator and check as you want
  2. Use Community edition and experiment about this

Then you can manage it to your enterprise Orchestrator as you wish.
Refer the flowing for additional knowledge ,


Noted with thanks maneesha… :+1::+1:

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Always welcome :sunglasses:,
If you have facing any issue while you doing it ,just reach to forum ,
we are always here to help you :+1:

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