2 Bots on a Citrix Terminal Server(Multy Tenancy server) (Meta Frame) at the same time (High density robots)

Hello Everyone,

has anyone tried running 2 or more bots on a Multi Tenancy server and successfull with that?

We are trying currently to run 2 Bots at the same time on a same Multi Tenancy server
(with freeRDP and consolToLogin=No in Robot Settings)
Instructions followed exactly same as the links below to set up the high density Robots:

  1. https://docs.uipath.com/robot/docs/windows-sessions
  2. https://docs.uipath.com/robot/docs/high-density-robots

The error we get is as follows.

The error says, Executor cannot be started. The requested resource is already in use.

My guess is there is some conflict between the sessions created by the technical users. It would be really helpful if anyone has the idea how to solve it.


Hi @Ganesh_Hegde,
Please make sure you have separate account made for each robot as well as proper number of RDP licenses available.

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Hi @Pablito

Separate account you mean local profile instaed of roaming profile for every robot on the Multi Tenancy Server ?( there are two types of profiles for each user on Metaframe. 1 .Roaming profile, here everytime the user profile loads from the server and after every new login the old data will be deleted. 2. Local Profle: here the profile is created once and maintained for long time and the profile for each robot will be maintained) . We have enough RDP licences and account for each robot on Orchestrator.

I think it can be a roaming profile but you need to remember that it will work only on machine where there is an exact Robot installed with the setting corresponding to the Orchestrator.