Need to understand how to pass data between workflows Assignment1


I need one help from below screenshot.

I want to get loginid/password from orchestrator and same thing want to pass to browser.i am successfully getting credentials from orchestrator assets into out_username/out_password parameter but unable to pass these to other workflow. to order to open ACME browser.

please help me to understand REframework where should i pass new workflows in order to execute in REFramework.


When you open Import Arguments on the Get Creds invoke you need to assign these out arguments to variables (you need to create these) which you can then use in the section below to log in.

Is this what you mean?

as you have mentioned “strUsername” and “secPassword” in “out” arguments …i am unable to write in out type parameter in value didi you do this.?

see this,

Calling GetAppCredential.xaml in login.xaml…with these parameters…

is it right way …or am i doing something wrong?

Create 2 NEW variables, called Username (string) and Password (secure string), using the tab at the bottom of the page (next to the arguments tab you have open).
Once this is done, reopen the pop up for invoking>import arguments, and enter those variables in the “Value” column. This should work, as this is how it’s intended to run.
Let me know if this helps

HI Alex,

as you stated i have done and getting correct value of username.see the steps i am following.
1.Creating Login.xaml and calling GetAppCredential.xaml inside login.xaml.

now i want to get value like URL and others from in_Config or Config file.but the question is "where should i put (From Highlighted xaml) Login.xaml so that i could access config values using invoke workflow and pass it to login for further opening browser. see screenshot…

adding one more thing…how can i give such kind of gray comments…for sequences/or workflows.

Are you using ReFramework as a template for this? ie, do you have an Initialise, Get Transaction and Process state? If so, the InitAllApplications is already being invoked with Initialise for you at the start, so you should invoke your Login.xaml within that Initialise State as they will already be defined in there.

Does this make sense?

You can sometimes double click in there and add to it, but I often use the “Comment” activity:


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