Advanced Training: Assignment 1

hello, why are the values not getting properly set? I am basically creating my login.xaml file and this is kinda confusing for me.

You have to use out_arguments to assigning the value you would be getting from Orchestrator

hi Prankur, I didn’t create any local variable within the System1_Login workflow, sorry I was just following the instruction and there was no mention of that. What I did though was to create 2 In Arguments (System1_URL, System1_Credential) as instructed.

Would you suggest that I create those as local variables of String Type?

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See the update answer above


I basically understand that these arguments were imported from GetAppCredential via the Invoke workflow, but how do I now set the values for those imported arguments? Do I need to create local variables with the same names on top of the 2 In Arguments mentioned in the instruction?

I hope you are calling GetAppCredential.xaml in LoginACME.xaml, click on edit arguments

So go to Login workflow and create two variables UserName and Password and assign to out_Argument like given in image.

I am assuming that you have created an asset in Orchestrator.


hi Prankur, so I went and created the local variables and it made the difference, now the login is working. I think that should have been included in the instruction. :slight_smile:


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