Need to Transfer the code one Environment to another


We have two Virtual Machines, One is for test and another Prod. Ui Bot is running successfully on test server. I want to move test bot code to prod. Reason why there was little bit change on test ui elements and prod ui elements.

can anyone help me how to transfer the code?


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in general we do publish the automation project (UiPath project) and transfer the resulting package to the target machine.

In case of that Orchestrator is in use we publish to Orchestrator and consume it from target machine

Hi @ppr, so how do I transfer resulting package to targeted machine so that I can change the code inside targeted machine?

in best case we should handle test/prod differences within 1 codebase / 1 UiPath Project
So the first question is about how many differences do you expect?
Next question is on what do differ test and prod?

Also you can check if zipping the UiPath project and transfering to other machine will work for you. But on this target machine then UiPath is needed for further editing