Once we have developed the code completely how to deploy it into production environment



Hi All ,
Please can any one explain me how to move the code to production environment after the development is done and this is for a attended bot.


HI @harinathreddy.yn,
Take a look the below



Hi Balu,

Thanks for quick response. Let me check and will reach back to you if any doubts.



Hi Balu,

Sorry to bother you, please clarify my doubt.
Can we have both production and developing license on same machine ?
As soon as I entered my production license key the development has grayed out, please advise.


Hi @harinathreddy.yn,

My best advise is to get the advise from support team (U know the link) and Uipath People @badita and @ovi. I am not much aware of it.

Thank you


Hi Balu,
Thank you so much for the update and will wait for Uipath folks response.


Hi @harinathreddy.yn

Do you have Orchestrator? Do you have separate environments/machines for dev/test and production?


Hi Ovi,
No we don’t have Orchestrator, we have only one machine for both dev and production. So please advise how to go about it

Harinath Reddy