Need to share ui path project to client

I need to share my project with one of our client then what is the process for this and the client doesn’t have uipath installed in their machine . so how can i share the project and how they can run it.

Hi, Client need to have UiPath Studio.
UiPath Studio project can’t be converted to .exe file so Client can’t run it without UiPath environment.

the most minimal approach could look like following:

  • on client side the Robot component / Uipath Assistant is installed
  • the automation project from UiPath is published into a nuget package
  • the package is transfered to the client
  • if it is correct installed / deployed on client machine then it will appear in the process list from Robot/Assistant and can be executed

If nothing is installed on client machine then it is possible to run the shred ui path code on that machine?
And can you specify the steps to publish the automation project from ui path into nuget package?