What is the best Training path for RPA UiPath Developers?

We have a few new RPA UiPath developers and I’m struggling with the best pathway for them in the Academy.
Our original gang would have received classroom training from UiPath prefessionals but I’m hoping we can use the Academy for future developers.

I want them to have a certification at the end to give me peace of mind that they are ready to release something into production.

Looking at the Academy I’m seeing what looks like a very good introduction
UiPath RPA Associate Certification Training
followed by the RPA Developer Advanced Training.
They are both almost 40 hrs long each.

Just curious if this is he route taken by others to get their developers to a satisfactory level?



I feel academy is the best way to start with UiPath RPA
Academy Courses are well structured to start with
From the Certification UiPath has two certifications and also provided the path to get trained

For a good Introduction you can start with UIPath RPA Associate and If you need more advance level topics then you can choose Advance Training

Though you see 40hrs there was similar course upto the introduction but later it changes according the level you are choosing

Also, recommend your developers to check forums if they have any doubts while learning and they can freely ask there doubts, So that Forum members can clarify there doubts

Hope this may help you


Thanks @Srini84
Just on the UiPath Associate module, will the developers be asked to completed an exam at the end of this?
I’m just wondering how I will know the developers have completed the full module.


Yeah, but apart this completion of the modules, developers also need some practical experience also

If you want to track if the developers complete the course you can ask them to provide the completion certificate, For Example as below

Hope this may help you


Great, thanks.