Need to install Orchestrator or I can use it through web site directly

Hi guys pls help me out…!!

I have downloaded enterprises edition trail version and successfully installed studio.

now my question is do i need to install orchestrator setup first or i can use it by logining into ???

Please also let me know if i need to install first orchestrator the basic requirement is to need to have Windows Server Operating System + IIS + SQL server machine
@ Pablito

i have gone through the prerequisite but its confusing me.

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Hi @Assetsoft,
You can use our Orchestrator Platform if it’s ok for you. If you need your own orchestrator then of course you need additional licence for it.

Regarding installation. You need to have SQL, IIS and operating system prepared prior to installation of the orchestrator.

Here you have installation process described:

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Thanks… @Pablito blito

so what will be the difference between using “Orchestrator Platform” and “own orchestrator”
it is about multiple user access or i can build more robots in it?

and again if i want to use own orchestrator can i use vm or azure with SQL, IIS and operating system prepared that will be good or access by multiple developer.

If you will have your own orchestrator you will decide about updates, about maintenance, about tenants etc. Our platfrom orchestrator is free for all but you need to be prepared for updates and every inconveniences which comes with it (for example need to update your robot/studio as well in case of incompatibility).

Of course you can build orchestrator on azure’s vm. More about it here: