Orchestrator Installation Problem

I Have a problem when installing Orchestrator, its says that I have to enable IIS Windows feature, how to fix this ?

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@Palaniyappan hello mister can u help this case ?
or maybe i have to clarify he is want to try uipath orchestrator not for commercial but only for training and testing. it is impossible for him to user trial for orchestrator ?
thank you in advance.


You need to follow the “Prerequisites for Installation” documentation here:

From your description it looks like you may be missing this step:

  • IIS - minimum required version: 8. this is part of the Web Server (IIS) role and is automatically enabled by the provided InstallRolesAndFeatures.ps1 script, which can be found in here.

Also, make sure your server is in line with the requirements: https://docs.uipath.com/installation-and-upgrade/docs/orchestrator-software-requirements


maybe this can help you

@Andrzej_Kinastowski @Mulya_Habibi_Tullah Thank you for the help, but could I install the orchestrator without using Windows Server OS ?

what I know for now can only be in windows

No, it has to be a Windows Server, and you need an SQL database (Standard or Enterprise, the free ones will not do).

If you just need it for evaluation purposes you can use UiPath hosted cloud at cloud.uipath.com, it takes 2 minutes to have it up and running.
And if you would like to test it as an on-prem solution I would go for Azure or AWS infrastructure. We have our presentation Orch. in Azure on a Standard B1ms machine which costs something like 15$/month. And a small SQL instance, which is another few bucks.
Please bear in mind that installing and configuring it all is a bit of work, especially if you haven’t done this sort of thing before.


@Mulya_Habibi_Tullah @Andrzej_Kinastowski I seem that mean I have to buy Windows Server and SQL Standard, I was trying to figure out how to use Elasticsearch and Kibana, its says that it can only work with on premise Orchestrator.

True, Elasticsearch only works with on prem, for Cloud it can be replaced by UiPath Insights.
Alternatively you could build a way to transfer logs from Cloud Orch. to any database using API, but that requires a bit more work.

If you get to installing the on-prem version, for evaluation purposes ELK can be installed on the same machine as Orchestrator, so no need for additional hardware. For production it is advised to have Orchestrator and Elastic stack on separate machines.


hi @Christopher_Budiono
Welcome to Uipath community
If you need to try Uipath only , then try Uipath Community Edition https://cloud.uipath.com/

Now what you are trying to do is Instaling Enterprise Edition version, so that you have to have some Prerequisites for Installation with a server
the easy way to doing is you can install this using VMWARE (and also you can download SQL and windows servers with trial periods form Microsoft)

And the most important thing is the Uipath product license, use the below link to get a 60 Day trial license for on-premises

so then you will able to get a DB/Log to connect Elasticsearch and Kibana

But as you suggest you have to test Elasticsearch and Kibana along with Uipath then follow the above method

But if you say if u wanna test Elasticsearch and Kibana only so there is a various other ways to build that

@Maneesha_de_silva @Andrzej_Kinastowski I understand now, thank you so much for the help