How to install orchestrator?

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I have come across many posts saying installing orchestrator. But as far I know orchestrator is a cloud platform which we need to connect with our machine.

So what exactly meant by installing orchestrator and how is it done ?

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@kkp - Orchestrator is a cloud/on-prem (for on-prem ->need to do a setup (IIS Services) for orcheestrator) and both will access via browser.
Are you referring any specific post/topic about install orchestrator?.

If you are using Community Edition → you can use the uipath cloud platform.

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Please check the below links to understand more,



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Orchestrator come with several ways as the need of the customer requirement

Community Edition Orchestrator is in Cloud (Can be fee to access by any one - but not for enterprise use )

And as a Enterprise users they can be install Orchestrator using the Setup on premises of their own servers
If not , they can buy the orchestrator host in cloud as a service (so its no need of install)

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