Uipath orchestrator installation in Laptop

Is that possible to install Uipath orchestrator in a PC. Please provide the steps for installation.

Upon installation using Uipath platform installer it is throwing an error as below.
“Uipath orchestrator requires IIS 8 or higher to be installed”

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This maybe helpful for you, sorry I haven’t try installing Orchestrator yet.

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As a prerequisite for orchestrator installation it is required Windows Server operating system

as @Sriganes96 shared the link, it will contains all the required to install

Hope this helps


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Thanks for the reply… So does that mean we cannot setup orchestrator in local machine?

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yes you can install orchestrator on a laptop, you should meet the requirements however

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in the requirements its mentioned that windows server must be installed, but i have it installed on my laptop pc

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Thanks Johny…Could you please share the steps followed…Iam getting the IIS error

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Hi @Rahul_Unnikrishnan ,
Since you are using to install orchestrator on your PC/laptop ,
its installing through windows , not the server platform. so its need some prerequisite

As its part , you need to have IIS install on your PC/laptop
to activate IIS pls refer image below

And note that you need to have a setup Database also , so ready for that also.
You can setup it in your machine but not recommended for use , just only for testing may be ok but remember your Laptop /PC have to run the DB and also the orchestrator app
make sure that enough performance available your machine


Thanks Maneesha_de_silva

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yes as @Maneesha_de_silva said.

In addition you should have Url rewrite for https connections.

also you should have the .net hosting bundle installed v3.1.+

You are always welcome :sunglasses: