Need provision to Edit Column names or Add columns which using "Build Data table" activity



We need to have a provision to either edit the column names or add a column in middle for the existing datatable generated using “Build Datatable” activity. Many times when dealing with large number of columns with a standard format we miss creating columns, our activity permits adding only as a last column which is a limitation when we need to directly write the output of it to an Excel, which needs reformatting according to the customer needs.

Build Data Table: How to rename a column?


As a temporary workaround you can edit the xaml directly.
Column definitions are inside the <xs:sequence>
 segment ending with </xs:sequence>
Not ideal, but should keep you going until this is added.


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This would be very helpful. It’s annoying having to rely on code to set ordinal or change column names after the fact. Makes it much harder to read what’s happening when you have to go back and make changes down the line.


This would be an incredibly useful feature. Building data tables that later get written to an excel file can be overly burdensome if a typo goes unnoticed…


It will be out in September. 18.3