Add columns

I want to make excel sheet and add columns.
I have used excel application scope,build data table (contains columns i want),add data row(in array i mentioned columns)
after running this code,im getting empty excel sheet

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Can you sand a picture with the activity properties?

Fine to add new data column to the datatable we need to use ADD DATACOLUMN ACTIVITY
Where in the datatable property mention the datatable name and in the columnname property mention the columnname we want which will add the column at last to the datatable
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Im getting error that column belongs to data table@Palaniyappan

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There are 3 columns i want to add in excel sheet

Hi @Ananya1

you can share your xaml or screenshots to address the issue.

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Fine try with new column name which is not there already in the datatable
You were almost done
Cheers @Ananya1