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Which Data Table activity has a property setting that adds columns to an input datatable?
A. Build Data Table
B. Output Data Table
C. Generate Data Table

Hi @J_Crosby

The answer is Option A Build Data Table
Build Data Table: Clicking the Data Table button in the activity body opens the Build Data Table window, which enables you to customize the table to be created.

Output Data Table: Writes a DataTable to a string using the CSV format.

Generate Data Table: It enables you to write the text file to excel.

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Hi @J_Crosby

Option A Build Datatable activity is the correct one. Build Datatable activity is mainly used to create a new datatable. In Build datatable activity we can add the add columns, In this we can change the Datatype of column too.

Option B is incorrect, because the output datatable activity is used to convert the datatable format to String format. The output of the Output datatable activity is String Datatype. Here we cannot add columns to it.

Option C is incorrect, Generate Data Table activity is used to Generate the table from a string format. It means Converting the String format to Datatable format.

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Hello @J_Crosby

The correct answer is: A. Build Data Table

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